The Selling Process

Colorado Springs is a unique and diverse area. Each community has its own distinctive characteristics. How does your neighborhood appeal to buyers? To obtain a satisfying transaction as a Seller there are five main topics to consider. The current market, the condition of your home, the presentation of your home, your personalized marketing strategy, and your strategic pricing based on the four prior topics.

What kind of market are we working with?

Seller’s Market

A Seller’s market is where there are more home buyers than sellers. Based on basic laws of supply and demand, this means sellers have the upper hand: They will likely sell their place quickly, perhaps for over asking price, with a minimum of fuss or push back from buyers.

Buyer’s Market

Buyer’s markets exist when inventory exceeds the supply of buyers. In these markets, some homes aren’t selling at all. This is where expertise and extra work pays off. Listings that sell at the top price are typically those exposed to the most buyers, which are priced well, marketed well and show well.



Why Sell With Danielle?

Deciding to sell your home is an immense financial and emotional decision. Choosing an established and trusted local REALTOR® can help turn this stressful, confusing process into a stress-free transaction. Using a REALTOR® means you and your family can focus on starting your new lifestyle without worrying about the sale of your current home. That’s where Danielle can help, her marketing strategy is designed to get your home sold quickly and for the best price.

Home Valuation

Finding out your home’s value in today’s real estate market is easy! You can check out our Free Home Valuation page where you will enter a few details about your home and generate a full CMA (Comparable Market Analysis), giving you a detailed & current local trends, recently sold properties, pending sales, comparable homes values, neighborhood values, and more.

This along with the knowledge of the current buyer/seller activity is the best way to get an accurate estimate of what your home will sell for in today’s current real estate market. Together we can combine your selling needs, the market data and our experience to set the best selling price for your home to get it sold fast and for the best price.


Having an experienced REALTOR® in your corner is especially important come negotiation time. This is more than just a financial arrangement; it can be highly emotional as well. Selling your home can mean a job change, school changes for your children, and possibly leaving behind everything familiar to you and your family. People will be coming in and out of your home, sizing it up for themselves. As your REALTOR®, we will wear many hats, and you can be confident that we know our market thoroughly and can answer all questions about your home, the community & the local real estate market. From fielding phone calls about your home, watching out for potential problems in offers & counter-offers to drafting complex paperwork, we will work hard to make your home selling process as stress-free as possible & get your home sold in the quickest possible time frame while protecting your best interests.


When listing your home, you will have many real estate agents competing to work with you. What makes us different than all of the rest? The services we offer. Many real estate agents are stuck in the old marketing ways of the past and don’t take the time to learn new ways to market your home like Social Media Marketing, Single Property Web pages, Virtual tours, etc. That’s one of the things that make us different. We understand the importance of using technology & social media to get your home sold fast & for top dollar. From the start with staging, professional photography, virtual tours, a detailed MLS listing, broker opens & open houses, and our large circle of agent networking- our services go above and beyond our local competitors.


Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent, Danielle Frisbie

How ​I do things above and beyond.


Decorating one’s home is personal. The décor you create is based on your personality and your taste. Decorating a home is the process of turning a house (the physical building) into a home. And not just any home—your home. Staging, on the other hand, is the opposite of personal. Staging is about highlighting possibility. It’s about showing a prospective buyer the potential of the home. And it’s about making the home as appealing as possible to anyone, not one specific person. The reason should be obvious—it’s a mistake to stage a home with a particular style because not every prospective buyer will appreciate that style. You don’t have to do a lot to help a prospective buyer fall in love with your home. Home staging is not about coming up with home decorating ideas to fill every room. The goal of home staging is to show off the home, not the home decor. Staging your home can help you sell your home faster and for more money and it’s less expensive than a price reduction.

Moving Time

It is highly recommended that you take the time and find a great mover to work with. The price of movers can vary dramatically as can what is offered and the services provided. You should not only do your research but seek out some guidance from friends, relatives and your real estate agent who should have a handle of who is highly recommended in the area. Make sure to change your address – with everyone! At the most basic, you should be notifying the post office of your change of address at least a few weeks before you move. Just before you are going to the closing on your home, make sure you cancel or transfer your bank account to wherever you are headed. Take all the services in your home out of your name. Buyers absolutely will be thrilled if you take the time to put together people you know and trust who have done an excellent job for you. Examples include your landscaper, house cleaner, handyman, etc.

Closing Time

Once you’ve finally accepted an offer on your home, inspections will be done to satisfy both the buyer and their mortgage lender. Many sale agreements are incredibly complex and feature a number of qualifications and fine print. This can be confusing and may include additional requests and addendums. We are familiar with these documents and can help guide you through the process. The closing is an important day for you as a home seller. You will transfer the property to the buyer, fully pay off any mortgages, and receive your sales proceeds. If you are using the proceeds for a new home purchase on the same day or shortly thereafter, it is particularly important that your closing runs smoothly. We will be there for you every step of the way through the transaction process.

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