Danielle Frisbie

A Full Service Realtor®
"Real estate with a client focus" 

Set the Right Price 

Setting the list price of your home can be a balancing act.  On one hand you want to sell for Top Dollar while on the other hand you want to sell it as quickly as possible.  It's tempting to list your house high and then reduce the price as time goes by; however, research has shown that overpricing your house initially will often lead to longer time on the market and a lower sales price in the end.  The best course of action is to set the correct price right from the start.  Danielle and her team will use their expertise to perform a detailed market analysis.  They will analyze homes sold in your neighborhood using factors such as:  location, square footage, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, garage space, etc.  However, other factors such as:  age of home, upgrades, and finishes will be used to adjust the list price to best reflect your specific house.  They will also include homes currently on the market (your competition) and homes taken off the market because they did not sell.  

The Zillow and Truillo estimates are based solely on your houses "stats" and do  not reflect the actual condition of your home.  There is no substitute to having a professional who is trained and knowledgeable in your area tour your home noting the specific attributes to determine the most accurate list price.