Danielle Does it Best

Danielle doesn’t lose sight of the trees because of the forest. Isn’t that backwards you ask? No. It is not. While Danielle sees, understands, and strives for completion of “The Big Picture” she knows it is all the small details that create it.

Danielle’s devotion to attention to detail means you can relax and enjoy the ride. From the negotiations to an accepted offer, to the inspection and resolution, and everything leading to closing, Danielle monitors and manages each and every step.

Through her hands on approach, and continuing education classes, Danielle is always pushing herself to be well versed in not only the latest real estate trends but also the current issues affecting our market, both local and global.

When Danielle lists a house she not only provides the seller with an exhaustive list of ways to prepare the house to ensure the quickest sale at the best price, she actually brings her team to do much of the work! Danielle knows that first impressions are key to getting potential buyers in the door. She is a certified stager and her skills are so well respected that many other realtors hire her to stage their listings as well.

When working with buyers, Danielle’s extensive knowledge of the area and the market along with her genuine desire that everyone live in the home that they love make each purchase a wonderful experience. Buyers see first hand that Danielle’s detail oriented mind is working in overdrive on their behalf. Danielle also works with builders ensuring the lesser known or understood issues are identified and appropriately resolved in favor of the buyer. It can be overwhelming when purchasing a home and Danielle reduces the stress by walking the buyer through each step through the entire process.

Danielle Frisbie, REALTOR®

The Cutting Edge, REALTORS®

Office: 719-599-5067